WIH: Conflict between Palestine and Israel

Israel is the world’s only Jewish state. Palestinians, the Arab population that hails from the land Israel now controls, want to establish a state by the name Palestine. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is over who gets what land and how it is controlled.

It all started when Britain took control of the area known as Palestine in the early 20th century. Palestine was comprised of Jewish and Arab minorities. However, tensions between the two groups began to simmer when Britain was given the task of establishing a “national home” in Palestine for the Jewish people. Palestinian Arabs opposed the move and violence began between Jews and Arabs, as well as against Britain.

In 1948, British rulers left, being unable to resolve the issue and Jewish leaders declared the creation of the state of Israel. Many Palestinians opposed this move, and a war ensued which only ended due to a ceasefire the following year. There was never a peace agreement, so the tension between each side kept simmering and reaching boiling point in the decades which followed, leading to more wars and fighting.

Fast forward to the present, there is a violent battle occurring between the Israeli army and Palestinian militants in Gaza as waves of civil unrest between the Jews and Arabs spread across several Israeli cities. Airstrikes and rockets have targeted the military and civilian areas across Israel, with more than 67 Palestinians passing away since the conflict started on Monday.

What started off as a local dispute where some far-right Jews marched down the city centre chanting “Death to Arabs”, has now launched into a full-blown civil war over Gaza and the failure to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has now exploded, resulting in a truly horrific manifestation.

I recommend heading to Vox (link below), where you can find a comprehensive guide to the situation at hand, with little to no bias and factual evidence. https://www.vox.com/2018/11/20/18079996/israel-palestine-conflict-guide-explainer





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